Herbal medicine is a very safe and effective way to treat a wide range of physical and psychological complaints. It has been used reliably for thousands of years, and its effectiveness is backed by documented clinical case studies and modern scientific research. It can be used in conjunction with other modalities to create an enhanced, synergistic healing effect. Herbal medicine can be dispensed as tablets, capsules, prepared herb granules that you mix with hot water, or a pre-cooked liquid tea, packaged in individual servings. Read More

Chinese herbal medicine has been studied, developed, and utilized for thousands of years, and it has evolved through time to meet the needs of each generation. Modern scientific research continues to add to this vast wealth of knowledge and help us gain better understanding how medicinal herbs can be used to address modern day disease and illnesses. From rather simple concoctions to more complex and incredibly detailed therapeutic tools, it is a sophisticated healing art.

Chinese herbs are usually combined into comprehensive formulas containing about 12-14 different herbs. The formulas are designed to deliver a chemical signal to the body, which not only treats symptoms, but also helps to resolve the root cause of disease, improve the function of the internal organs, and restore balance to the entire body. The reason herbs are generally not taken as individual substances is because, in a formula, the herbs work together, each one responsible for a different function, to treat the whole body. For example, think of this in terms of an herbal formula being like a soup. You cannot determine which single ingredient makes the soup tasty and nutritious. It is the combination of many ingredients, cooked together in one pot, that makes the soup more nourishing and taste good. Just as one needs a balanced diet containing different foods, herbal formulas are simply more powerful and effective than any single herb taken on its own.

Chinese herbal medicine can have powerful effects. It is a complex art that requires years of study and training. While herbs are considered ‘natural medicine’, they can cause adverse effects if incorrectly administered. For this reason, it is very important that a qualified and licensed practitioner in Chinese medicine prescribe your herbs for you. This way, a safe and effective formula, which addresses your particular, unique condition and body type can be provided. Do not try to self-prescribe herbal formulas or rely on the advice of a well-meaning friend or store clerk. Hide

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the herbs come from?
Herbs used in Chinese medicine can grow all over the world. While many are cultivated in China, they may be cultivated by herb farmers or grow in the wild in many parts of Asia, North America, Australia, Europe, Africa, and India. In order to have maximum effect, medicinal herbs must come from the correct region, be grown and harvested at optimal times, and be processed in specific ways. Dr. Bulloch only prescribes herbs from reputable companies that honor the highest standards of growing, harvesting, and processing to ensure correct species identification, purity, potency, and consistency. No threatened species or unethically manufactured products are ever utilized.
Are herbs safe? Could they contain heavy metals or pesticides?
Chinese herbal products are very safe and pure when purchased from reputable companies, who adhere to rigorous growing, production, and testing standards, and obtain government recognized manufacturing certification.  While herbs, in general, are just like the food we eat and can vary greatly in quality, only the highest quality, pharmaceutical grade herbal products produced in state-of-the-art facilities are prescribed by Dr. Bulloch. All products far exceed quality standards mandated by the FDA and United States law.
What are those warning labels on certain herbal supplements about? (Proposition 65 warning labels)
No products prescribed by Dr. Bulloch have to carry Proposition 65 warning labels. You may have seen these on some herbal products and wonder if this warning applies to all herbal medicine. While it is reasonable for you to have some concerns when you see a warning label, the Proposition 65 warning labels can mislead the public, and they are not a true indication of the safety of herbal supplements. When herbs are sourced from reputable companies and carry Good Manufacturing Practices certification, they are actually cleaner than most of the food in the average American diet. They even contain less heavy metal than a 2 oz. bar of organic chocolate.

The warning labels you may have seen on some herbal products refer to Proposition 65 (the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986). This act aims to make businesses responsible for the chemicals they put into the environment and to warn the public of exposure to any potentially harmful compounds. Warning labels may by found on various products and posted at some buildings, however, there are many problems with how the law was written and is enforced.

All of the herbs prescribed by Dr. Bulloch have gone through comprehensive and rigorous testing for purity. If you are concerned at all because you have seen Proposition 65 warning labels on some herbal products, there is a comprehensive article on this topic in the article section that discusses the many issues with this law and the inaccurate message that these labels may convey to the public. Click here to access the full article.

Where do you get your herbal supplements?
Dr. Bulloch prescribes only the highest quality products sourced from the most reputable companies in the United States. They all source products from the best regions and ensure correct species identification and quality or raw material. All products are then prepared using the latest technology to ensure uniform potency and quality. These companies carry out extensive testing and manufacture supplements to pharmaceutical grade standards and purity.

Most herbs that are indigenous to one region cannot be properly grown in another. Herbal products prescribed by Dr. Bulloch are sourced from their indigenous soils to guarantee quality and correct species, and when possible, they are collected from the wild or grown organically. Herbs are shipped directly from growers to state-of-the-art, high-tech processing facilities.

Modern equipment ensures stable and uniform quality and can eliminate the need for chemical preservatives. Each batch is individually tested both in the processing plants and by third party labs to ensure potency and purity. All products prescribed by Dr. Bulloch comply with International GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards, comply with new and very stringent Chinese GMP, and have been certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

The Australian standards are considered to be the most stringent in the world, exceeding standards set in the US. In Australia, herbal supplements are subject to the same guidelines and manufacturing standards as Western pharmaceuticals. They are not classified as foods as they are in America. Rather, they are classified as drugs. In fact, the companies that supply Dr. Bulloch actually set their own standards that are significantly higher than those set by the US Pharmacopoeia or Australian TGA.

While cheap, substandard products can definitely be found in a variety of places in the U.S., you can be sure that any herbal product prescribed by Dr. Bulloch is of the highest quality and is probably more pure and safer than the food and medications that many people consume on a daily basis.

How do I take Chinese herbs?
Herbs may be dispensed in the form of tablets, capsules, prepared herb granules that are mixed with hot water, or pre-cooked liquid tea packed in individual serves. The best method for your particular condition will be recommended by your practitioner.
Why do you recommend custom herbal formulas?
For certain patients, a custom formula may be recommended. Every person has a unique body and presents with a different list of complaints, so a custom formula can be created to address the specific needs of each patient. While sufficient for some conditions, the use of a standardized formula may not be complete or optimal for some people, especially if they present with a chronic condition or a complex set of problems. Chronic, complex conditions often require more than one standardized formula to treat. This results in the patient having to take too many pills from multiple bottles and still not getting sufficient or ideal treatment.  For example, if a patient needs herbs A, B and C he/she may need to take two formulas, one containing herbs A, B and D and one containing herbs A, C and E. The patient will get a double dose of herb A and be ingesting two herbs he/she doesn’t need. Even combining multiple standardized formulas can result in a patient missing required herbs. A custom formula gives only the herbs you need, at their optimal dosage and ratios, which will work best to treat your particular condition.

Whatever your needs, all of your treatment options will be discussed during your consultation.

How is a custom herbal formula prepared and taken?
A formula may be dispensed in one of two ways:

  • Prepared herbal granules: Using the latest in technology and manufacturing procedures, modern herbal companies create concentrated powders by cooking the herbs for the optimal time, using the correct ratio of liquid to herb matter, and then mist drying the liquid into a water soluble powder. Using highly controlled and sophisticated methods, all essential oils and active ingredients can be retained. Each herb is put into a little individual packet containing the correct daily dosage of that particular herb. The medical practitioner can then write a custom prescription for the patient and put each herb into a bag that will be used as one day’s supply for the patient. All the patient has to do is cut open each little envelope containing the herbs and mix them all into hot water to create a tea. The tea now contains all the necessary herbs for the specific needs of the patient, and they are in the correct dosage amount.
  • An herbal decoction: Is produced by boiling raw herbs in water for about an hour. Preparation at home can be messy and time consuming, so for a small extra charge, formulas can be cooked and packed in single serve pouches. All the patient needs to do is cut open one packet and pour the liquid into a cup. This form of preparation can also be useful when more complex formulas or higher than normal dosages of certain herbs are needed to treat more serious conditions.

How often do I take the herbs?
The herbal preparations are usually taken two or three times a day. They may be taken after meals or on an empty stomach depending on the formula and condition being treated.
How long do I take herbs for?
Depending on the condition, herbs can be taken for anything from a few days to a few years. The formula will change over time, as each health condition is resolved. Complex and chronic conditions may be treated in stages over a period of months or years to bring the body back to full health. More acute conditions, on the other hand, can usually be treated within days or weeks.
Can I use herbs as preventative medicine?
Herbs can certainly be used as preventative medicine. We all know prevention is better than cure, and this represents the highest form of medicine. In addition to taking herbal supplements as preventative medicine, they can also be taken to help obtain optimal health and wellbeing. Herbs can be an effective addition to a healthy lifestyle, like eating the right food and getting sufficient exercise.

The body is a dynamic system that changes with age, stress levels and seasons. It needs constant maintenance to stave off illness and disease and perform at its optimal level. Just as you wouldn’t water and fertilize a garden only once, it only makes sense that you should tend to the maintenance of your body on a regular basis for the full course of your life.