Appropriate dietary habits are not only fundamental to good health but also resolving chronic pain conditions. Unfortunately, many people are influenced by misinformation and fad diets, or they become confused by the vast amounts of conflicting information online. Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes that patients with different constitutions or body types, lifestyles, and physiological imbalances require unique dietary solutions. While there are some general guidelines that could apply to all people, the structure and content of a diet can be adjusted to correct pathological imbalances and enhance health based on the individual needs of each patient. For the untrained, trying to figure out the correct foods to eat can become overwhelming. Many people don’t know where to start. Worst still is when people think they are eating healthy, and then, upon examination, it is determined that there are some dietary habits they have adopted in good faith that are undermining their health.

In order to determine the correct nutritional guidelines for your specific needs, the initial intake forms and consultation gather comprehensive information to review your overall health and medical history. When necessary, a full metabolic assessment questionnaire can be completed and lab work may be ordered to help guide your dietary recommendations.


Nutritional supplements should not be used as a replacement for good dietary habits, but they can have a considerable beneficial impact on health and wellbeing when needed. Even patients who are adhering to a healthy diet can suffer from nutritional deficiencies caused by malabsorption. This can be the result of a general aging, hormonal imbalances, and a number of potential gastrointestinal issues, including insufficient production of digestive enzymes, leaky gut syndrome, intestinal bacteria imbalances, and parasites to name a few. It is not only important that you are taking the correct supplements for your individual condition but that the quality is also of a high standard.

Before nutritional supplements are prescribed, a comprehensive review of body systems and metabolic assessment is conducted, and blood labs and other tests are ordered when deemed appropriate and necessary. All nutritional supplements prescribed are off the highest quality and based on the specific needs of each patient.