Chinese medicine views the body and mind as integrated aspects of the same system. It does not divide them into different components and treat them separately. They are one. Therefore, the causes and manifestations of PTSD are as much physical as they are psychological. By taking a holistic approach, and addressing the root cause, Chinese medicine can effectively treat both the physical and psychological symptoms caused by shock and trauma.

Additional Information

The benefits of a holistic approach to PTSD
Because of his extensive study and training in medicine and healing, martial arts, meditation, and qigong, Jay is able to combine the best of ancient wisdom with modern science and medicine to provide truly integrated and comprehensive treatment for PTSD. After learning of the impact that military PTSD has on the lives of individuals and families, the overwhelming numbers of veterans returning from the most recent wars with PTSD, and the many veterans from previous wars and conflicts who are still suffering, Jay has been inspired to conduct extensive research into the treatment of PTSD.

There are specific and specialized acupuncture protocols that are able to address the root trauma and its effects on the body and mind. Combining these with other acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine, qigong, and meditation have produced effective clinical results. The methods used by Jay can also compliment and be used in conjunction with other western medical treatments. Taking an integrated and holistic approach and treating both the root and branch can ultimately achieve greater healing responses.

Recovering from any traumatic experience and healing the invisible wounds of war is a process. Jay is able to provide a number of valuable and effective tools to veterans and their families and a personalized approach that will address the specific needs of each patient. There are far fewer side effects to his holistic approach, and the healing results can be deep and long lasting leading to greater quality of life.

Financial hardship services
While free and discounted services at a non-profit community style clinic have been offered in the past, lack of funding resulted in these facilities closing. Unfortunately, current facilities are limited; therefore, veterans facing financial hardship will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be treated when space is available. Please contact for further information.